What Is An Intervention?

What is an intervention? Many people who have a family member that abuses drugs want to know the answer to this question.
Recovering from an addiction can be complex. It is a process that requires support, dedication, commitment and many other skills. The problem is that many people with an addiction are in denial. Other people who abuse drugs or alcohol may not be ready to give it up.
An intervention is a meeting between one or more people and the person with the alcohol or drug addiction.
What Is An Intervention?

Goals of a Drug Abuse Intervention

Holding an intervention for a loved one or friend can help encourage them to get addiction treatment. During the drug abuse intervention, you will have an open and calm discussion with someone who is abusing substances such as drugs or alcohol.
There are many results you may want to achieve with the intervention, including:
It is crucial to plan what will happen if your loved one doesn’t accept help. Continuing to enable your loved one will only show that things don’t have to change.
In many cases, it may be a good idea to bring in an interventionist. They can help control the meeting and come up with a plan if your loved one accepts help. Some other people you may want to invite to the intervention are your loved one’s family members, co-workers and friends. The people who know your loved one well and will support them should be there. Children and people who have an active addiction should not attend the intervention.

Tips for a Productive Intervention

Many people want to know what is an intervention and how to have one. There are many professionals and other people that have held successful interventions. They have come up with tips for having a more productive and successful intervention.
The best tips for increasing the chances that your loved one will accept help after an intervention include:
Do interventions work? Yes, they can. These are some tips that can help things to go smoother during the intervention. They can also increase the chances that your loved one or friend will accept treatment.

Staging an Intervention for a Loved One or Friend

Now that you know what an intervention is, you can plan one for a family member or friend. An intervention can be very successful in many cases. As long as you follow the tips above, there is a better chance the person with the addiction will agree to get help. If you have questions about treatment before holding the intervention, you can call rehab center professionals to get the answers you need.
If your loved one or friend accepts help, contact us today to get them into a treatment program.
If you think it will be challenging to follow through on the intervention plans, talk to the specialist. They can help everyone commit to the intervention.