Using Adderall with Vyvanse

It’s common to wonder if it is safe to take Adderall and Vyvanse together. The short answer is that it is not. While these two drugs are slightly different, they are both stimulants. To use them at the same time means increasing stimulation of the central nervous system. This can quickly lead to problems. The side-effects of both drugs are likely to grow when they are used together. There is also a greater chance of addiction. Finally, the withdrawal symptoms from taking both can be devastating.
Using Adderall with Vyvanse

Adderall vs. Vyvanse

The first step to understanding whether these two drugs can be used together is to understand the drugs themselves. Both of these are medications commonly prescribed for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Here’s a quick comparison of the two:



As you can see, the difference in these drugs is very minor. Basically, Vyvanse was made as a replacement for Adderall. The goal with Vyvanse was to make an ADHD pill that worked in a smooth way. This is because using Adderall can sometimes be intense. Because Vyvanse works slightly differently, its goal is to be a more pleasant experience for the user.
A note on manufacturing: When comparing adderall and Vyvanse, it’s important to know that they are both made by the same company, Shire. In fact, the only reason Vyvanse was created was because Shire’s patent on adderall XR expired in 2009. This means that generic forms of adderall XR could be made by other companies. Shire created Vyvanse in order to help improve profits for the company.
Since both drugs are amphetamine salts, they behave in very similar ways. They also carry very similar side-effects.

Side-Effects of Adderall and Vyvanse

Both these drugs have the same basic side-effects. The most common among these are:
These are the primary reason that taking Adderall and Vyvanse at the same time is dangerous. Because both drugs carry the same risks, taking both makes the chance of these side-effects greater. Therefore, you’re more likely to have problems if you use them together. Since many of these side-effects impact the heart, you can do permanent damage to your circulatory system by using both these drugs at once. Even if you don’t, you’re likely to have uncomfortable changes in mood.

Risk of Addiction

Addiction is possible with both Adderall and Vyvanse. Many users claim they are also equally likely to cause addiction. Though there are few studies that show which drug is more likely to cause addiction, since both are amphetamine salts, it’s safe to assume they’re equally dangerous.
Addiction is especially likely if these drugs are used recreationally. This is because people who have a prescription for these drugs typically have unique brain chemistry. For example, those with ADHD take these drugs to help ease their ADHD symptoms. The effects are very different in people who do not have ADHD. Therefore, someone without an ADHD diagnosis is at greater risk for addiction to these drugs. Thus, they should be avoided.

Withdrawal from Adderall and Vyvanse Together

Using Adderall and Vyvanse is technically amphetamine abuse. Because they do the same thing, using one on top of another is excessive. Unfortunately, when drugs like this are abused, stopping them becomes difficult. When trying to quit using these drugs, you’ll experience withdrawal. Here are the common Adderall and Vyvanse withdrawal symptoms:
The more of these drugs you take, or the longer you take them, the worse these symptoms become.

Getting Help with Amphetamine Addiction

If you find yourself taking these amphetamines in ways that are not prescribed, there is help. Reach out to us. Our staff is able to assist you in finding the right program to detox you from these drugs and find a path to sobriety. By using a combination of treatments we can aid anyone in managing their amphetamine addiction. Furthermore, we tailor every recovery program to fit the needs of the individual. We understand that no two people are alike. Therefore we treat each person as a unique case. We work with every situation and all circumstances to get you the best care possible.
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