Is Addiction a Disease or Lack of Willpower?

Is Addiction a Disease or Lack of Willpower?

It is often very difficult for loved ones and friends of someone struggling with an addiction or alcoholism to understand what’s happening and why they cannot stop using the substance. Frequently, people will say that if they want to quit, they will do it. In reality, recovering from drug or alcohol addiction involves a lot […]

Do Cold Showers Reduce Drunkeness or Alcohol Intoxication?

Does a Cold Shower Sober You Up?

Alcohol intoxication is a broad term used to describe an altered state of mind, such as changes in perception and mood, thinking processes, and motor skills caused by alcohol or illicit substances. Most individuals think of alcohol when they think of intoxication; however, the “high” from drugs is also classified as intoxication. This article will […]

How Addiction Affects the Body and Mind

How Addiction Affects Your Body and Mind

Addiction is clinically known as substance use disorder and is a complex disease that induces changes in a user’s brain and body that could be permanent. With this disease, an individual will compulsively use substances, with little to no regard that addiction can negatively affect the mind and body. Substance use disorder can negatively impact […]