Outpatient Detox in Orlando

Outpatient detox in Orlando can provide a drug detox to those in need of detoxification services from alcohol, drug, and pharmaceutical medications. Outpatient drug detox provides care without patients having to stay overnight at a facility. You can do it all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. All services are performed by board-certified doctors, recovery professionals, and nurses.

Reasons to Participate in an Outpatient Detox in Orlando

Outpatient detox can help clients safely discontinue using alcohol, drug, and pharmaceutical medications. There are many different reasons why you may want to participate in an outpatient detox program. Some of these include the ability to sleep in your own bed. Outpatient detox services are designed for people who have experienced varying levels of substance dependence but want to be able to continue living at home while receiving support.
Outpatient detox services can help clients stop using alcohol or drugs. These services are most often used for clients who have minor withdrawal symptoms and aren’t in need of intensive medical care during the process. Outpatient detox allows you to continue doing your normal activities while undergoing treatment. You may want to enroll in outpatient drug detox if you have busy work demands or other commitments that would stop you from getting the help you need.
Outpatient detox provides clients with the ability to perform activities that form a part of their everyday life. This can include things like picking up children from school or going grocery shopping. Outpatient drug detox provides a structured, yet flexible service that offers flexibility to those who need it most.
Outpatient drug detox is used to assist clients in starting their recovery journey. If you are looking for a way to get started on your outpatient alcohol detox, you can enroll in an outpatient drug detox program.
Outpatient Detox in Orlando

Different Types of Outpatient Detox Services

There are many different types of outpatient detox services that can be offered to those who are living in the Orlando area. This includes:

The Detox Process

A staff member will evaluate you and decide if you are a good candidate for outpatient detox. You will be given a prescription to help detoxify your body and the assistance of nurses trained in the drug detox process. Your treatment plan will include medical tests, lab work, individualized counseling, and group therapy.
The process of outpatient detox is usually completed in approximately 15-30 days. You will need to attend meetings at least once a week for group therapy, but 24-hour support is available as well. You can also call an after-hours hotline if you need assistance or want to speak in private.
Outpatient detox is usually used for clients who are in the early stages of their recovery process. You may not be eligible to participate if you have a history of alcohol abuse or are using drugs with other substances such as benzodiazepines. Outpatient detox is usually used to treat clients with mild withdrawal symptoms. Those who are medically stable will be required to receive intensive treatment.
Outpatient detox is usually used for clients that are stable and free from serious medical conditions. There may be certain medications that need to be stopped in order for a patient to receive outpatient drug detox. If you have certain co-occurring disorders, inpatient treatment might be a better choice. It depends on the condition and how it would impact the detox process. If you have any questions about the process, speak with an addiction specialist.

The Cost of Outpatient Detox

The cost of an outpatient drug detox will vary based on the level of therapy required, the length of treatment, and other factors. However, there may be financial assistance available. You will need to fill out an application and ask for specific services that are needed. There can also be cost reductions if you are part of a health insurance plan.

Signs of Withdrawal

Working with a professional detox program can help to reduce negative effects of withdrawal. There are certain signs of withdrawal that you can look out for in order to determine if you need outpatient detox. These include:
The signs of withdrawal vary based on the length of time you took the substance and the type of substance. Some medications have more severe withdrawal symptoms than others. You will want to speak to a treatment professional for more specific information regarding the detox process.

Find the Help You Need

You will also want to make sure that the staff is trained and willing to help. The best people to direct you toward a drug detox are your friends or family members who have gone through the process before. They can help you make an informed decision and determine if you should seek outpatient or inpatient services. Contact Palm Beach Interventions for more information about outpatient detox options in Orlando.