There are so many ways that you and others can help to raise awareness about addiction. You can do this online, in your community, within your friend group, in your family and other places, too. 

During September, which is National Recovery Month, you will find there are many organizations, companies and individuals who are spreading awareness about alcohol and drug addictions. Here at Palm Beach Interventions, we also want to make sure you are getting the help you need for treating addictions. Our team is ready to take your call about starting detox and/or treatment here in our facility.

Before you start the treatment program or if you are looking to get help for someone you know who has an addiction, hopefully, the information below will help you to better understand addiction. 

Listen First – Raise Awareness About Addiction for National Recovery Month 

There are so many people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions. Most people in this world know at least one person who has an addiction to one or more of these substances. If you do, it is very crucial that you listen first and then act on helping this person in your life.

Listen first – to your loved one or friend when they tell you they are struggling, to your own suspicions when you think a loved one is abusing drugs and to professionals who say they are available to help. 

Raising awareness about addiction for National Recovery Month is something that is going to be done every year. Here at Palm Beach Interventions, we can answer questions you have about addiction, treatment, detoxing and recovery. We want to help everyone better understand addiction and empathize with those who have an addiction. 

Things You Can Do During National Recovery Month (and all other months of the year)

Do you want to help make an impact on the drug and alcohol addiction epidemic that is going around the United States? If so, one of the best things you can do is to educate yourself on addiction, how drugs and alcohol affect the body and what treatments can be offered to help someone overcome addiction. 

The more you know about addiction, the more you can educate other people in your life about it, as well. This truly is one of the best ways to help your community, family and friends to become more aware of the addiction crisis and how recovery can improve a person’s day-to-day life in so many ways. 

Now that you know more about why raising awareness about addiction is so important, here are some ways that you can help yourself, a loved one, a friend or others in your community or online. 

raise awareness

Going to Addiction Recovery-Based Events

Throughout National Recovery Month, you can find so many addiction recovery-based events. Some of these will be held in-person and others will be held online. There are outreach programs, addiction rehab centers having events and community-based events. Some of the things you can do regarding addiction-recovery events include:

Going to addiction recovery-based events and helping people to get into treatment are great things to do during National Recovery Month. 

Writing to Newspapers

Do you have a personal story about addiction? Maybe, you have struggled with addiction or overcome addiction. It could be a loved one or friend of yours that has dealt with addiction. You may have seen what happened to them on a personal level. No matter what the situation might be, it could benefit others for you to share your story or experience with addiction to newspapers in your area or online. You never know who might need to read your story. It could inspire them to get the addiction rehab treatment they need, as well.

Social Media Group Chats

Another way that you can raise awareness about addiction is to have social media group chats. That way, everyone in the group chat can share what they know about addiction and recovery. For example, you may know a lot about how opioids can negatively affect a person’s life and someone else might know a lot about the damage legal trouble due to addiction can have on a person’s life. The more information you all share with each other, the more everyone can learn about addiction and recovery. 

Talk to a Loved One 

Do you suspect that your loved one or friend is dealing with drug and/or alcohol abuse? If so, this would be a great time to talk to your loved one or friend. Let them know you care about what is happening in their life and you want to support them in getting the treatment they need.

If you are the one who is struggling with addiction, you can and should still talk to a loved one. There are people who want to help you get your life back on track. If you don’t have many family members and/or friends who support this new lifestyle you want to live, don’t worry. There are other recovering addicts, professionals and community members who want to see you succeed in recovery. 

Wearing Red and/or Purple 

Did you know that red is the color for substance-misuse awareness? Purple is the color people wera to signify the opioid crisis that is happening throughout the United States. If you wear these colors or put ribbons up around your home, it can help to further amplify how important it is for people to get addiction rehab help and treatment. It can also spark more conversations about addiction and recovery, too.

Now that you know a bit about what you can do during National Recovery Month, you can make a plan of action to help yourself or others to get the treatment or help that is needed. 

Raise Awareness About Addiction Today

Now is the time to raise awareness about addiction. You can start by holding an event, social media group chat, talking to a loved one or doing the other things mentioned above. If you are the one with the addiction, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Palm Beach Interventions team for help today. If your loved one needs assistance to overcome an addiction, contact us right away.

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