Help! I Need To Know What Causes Addiction!

Some people try a substance once and never touch it again. Surely those people know what causes addiction! But they do not. Other people try a substance and get hooked for years. Their lives may seem similar. But no single cause of addiction exists. Like many human problems, addiction can have several different causes. Each one has a different role in individual lives. And not all factors show up in each person’s life.
What Causes Addiction

What Causes Addiction?

Addiction represents reaching into the external to satisfy something internal. Practically speaking, humans can become addicted to anything. If not, we would not have terms like “workaholism.” We would not describe a product, service, food, or experience as being “like crack.” We need not use illegal substances in order to fall prey to addiction. Consider the following examples of non-substance addiction:
Agency remains at the crux of defining addiction. We must assess ourselves. We take stock of our lives and ask whether we can stop. Then, we have to dig deeper. If we do not want to stop, we must ask why do we not want to?

Why Do People Become Addicted?

The ultimate answer to this question should not surprise us. Whatever human beings do, we do because of pleasure. We perform the activities we perform because we enjoy them. People do what feels good. That may seem a trite, oversimplified explanation. But often, the simplest answers become the truest ones. A person drinks too much because they like the way it makes them feel. A person consumes cocaine because, for a little while, it makes their pain go away. It improves their sense of wellbeing.

Factors That Contribute To Addiction

That said, we must keep in mind several contributing factors. Addiction represents a complex problem. It has lots of moving parts. Keep reading to learn more about these contributing factors.
One should not consider this an exhaustive list of all causes of addiction. Rather, these topics provide insight into some of the reasons why people suffer from substance use disorder.

Who Do We Blame For Addiction?

We must not neglect the element of choice. Earlier, we noted that people do things because we enjoy them. We know we like something because of neurotransmitters that our brains produce. Drugs impact these neurotransmitters. When we do something we like, our brains make neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters motivate us to do the same thing again. This accounts for a significant reason why people to continue to consume drugs. 
In large part, the disease model of addiction has gained greater acceptance among mainstream society. However, the stigma of drug abuse has endured. Concepts like “blame” may prove helpful in civil and criminal court cases. But blame will not help people recover from addiction. They likely suffer from shame, guilt, and self-loathing already.

Blaming The Addicted Person

For the sake of argument, let us lay blame solely on the addicted person. “It’s all your fault.” Let us say this is true. Does saying this out loud help the addicted person? Does this statement motivate them to want to recover? Yes, people do choose to take drugs. But no one chooses to remain enslaved to them. We must release the dualistic, either/or dynamic of addiction.

How Can People Recover From Addiction?

People suffering from substance use disorder can seek treatment. Some can utilize medication to help with their recovery. Different therapeutic models exist to help SUD sufferers with their mental health. Some approaches work well for some people. In others, these same approaches might not work as well. Nevertheless, treatment options lie well within reach. Recovery takes time. One must truly invest oneself into one’s recovery. But take heart. Hope remains for you, as well as those around you.

What If I Want More Information About What Causes Addiction?

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