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Getting Sober from Alcohol Alone? Don’t. Use an Alcohol Rehab Instead.

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You feel like it’s time. You’re ready to quit drinking and/or stop using drugs. You feel confident that perhaps even you can do this on your own. I mean, you’ve always considered yourself independent. You’ve never needed much help from anybody, or perhaps none at all. You can handle overcoming your addiction on your own. At least that’s what you are telling yourself, that is. The truth of the matter is you can’t go it alone despite what you may think. It’s not medically safe nor is it an effective way to go about it. To get sober you need a knowledgeable, dedicated, educated team to support you. Drug and alcohol abuse is a complex disease which involves a complex process and steps to beat. It’s a lifelong journey that requires a serious level of commitment and dedication. You need all the support! Not only through detox alone but to also build a solid foundation for the future of your sobriety.

Disease of Complexity

No matter what some may say, including what you might possibly think, addiction is not a choice. Saying “I am not going to drink anymore” or “I will not use drugs anymore,” won’t be the end all of stopping your substance abuse. It’s not that simple. It’s not a simplified behavior of a matter of simplistic choice. Rather it’s a complex disease that affects your brain function which controls your behavioral function. This is what addiction truly is, and what some if not most people do not understand. Including those who suffer from addiction themselves. Once you become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, it is very unlikely you can detox and become sober completely on your own.

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Despite knowing logically that these substances are unhealthy and dangerous, the changes in your brain that have been created by them have already developed a compulsion to use them regardless. That in itself makes it beyond difficult to face the challenge of sobriety on your own.

It’s critical when trying to give up alcohol and drugs through detoxing to stay in treatment to get the help you need. It’s been proven through research that most people who suffer with addiction need a minimum of three months of active treatment in order to completely stop or reduce their substance use. Ultimately, you have a more positive outcome the longer you stay with supervised treatment. Detoxing and then staying sober is not a short process, it’s a committed long-term process to undertake.

Dangers of Withdrawal

Withdrawal symptoms can quickly become life threatening and very intense when you stop your usage of drugs and/or alcohol. Withdrawal is a detoxification that your body goes through when it no longer has the substance in its system. Some of the symptoms you can experience, which may quickly become serious includes anxiety, insomnia, trembling and delirium tremens (DTs). 

There’s a readjustment going on in your body when you go through a detox. Your brain hasn’t readjusted very well after you have quit drugs and/or alcohol. Confusion is oftentimes experienced. Dangerous changes are occurring in your brain as it is attempting to regulate automatic tasks or simply breathing and circulation to keep you alive. Dramatic spikes in blood pressure including heart rates can potentially lead to a risk of stroke, heart attack, and for some even death.

Relapse Recurrences

The temptation to drink or use drugs again will always be there. When you get sober alone you are more vulnerable and susceptible to relapse and find yourself using again.

It’s been proven through research studies that 3 years later individuals who didn’t get help with getting sober weren’t as likely to still be in recovery. Meaning they were more likely to relapse and be back on drugs and/or alcohol. 

In treatment, you can learn effective coping strategies or skills to help you resist these temptations. By doing this, you can have a better chance at avoiding a relapse. These strategies and skills will be effective so you can continue to live a healthier life. 

It is advised and highly recommended by researchers that preventative intervention is absolutely necessary to stop future recurring alcohol and drug issues. 

Mental Health Assistance

Mental health is equally as important as drug and/or alcohol addiction as well. Oftentimes we see these two disorders co-occurring with one another. Therefore, it is important to receive clinical support and expert advice to help address and treat each specific issue individually.

mental health

With treating the co-occurring conditions of mental health disorders and drug and/or alcohol addiction Behavioral therapies have proven to be effective and helpful. Going through the treatment for your mental health and drug and/or alcohol addiction you can discover and explore the underlying reasonings for your substance abuse. You can also find and work through the motivations of living a life of sobriety.

More Than Willpower to Succeed in an Alcohol Rehab Program

Willpower alone is not enough. You may be a strong and determined individual but for you to get sober even the strongest and most determined can’t go it alone. 

Medical professional, along with expert guidance, a network of a supportive community is needed to help you through your recovery. It’s the utmost vital to your success. This is a lifelong journey that will take a life long commitment and dedication, even on our worst days.

At times you may feel alone, discouraged, frustrated, stressed, defeated, and participating in support groups will give you the opportunity to share your concerns and connect with those around you. Making connections with people who share the same feelings and struggles. People who understand. It’s important to be reminded that you are not alone, and understand you don’t have to face your challenges alone. There are people who do care and want to support you on your lifelong journey, see you succeed. Celebrate your success each day along with you! 

Palm Beach Interventions Wants To Help, Contact Us

Most of our professional alcohol rehab staff have been where you are right now. They have gone through recovery themselves and they have the desire, compassion, motivation, and heart to help you with your needs to get sober. 

We believe in you and can help you not only get sober but live and stay healthy which will help you create a more happy positive life. Which will be beneficial for you and those around you, especially for those who you care for and love. 

At our treatment center it’s not only about healing your body, but also healing your mind as well. We will address, discover, explore, the underlying issues that have led to your addiction. Upon doing so, this will bring radical change to your life with self awareness. This will then provide you proven treatment options thereafter that will empower you in various ways. You’ll recreate and reclaim your life again, learning how to take your power back, and have a full sense of awareness between your body and mind.

In order to receive the highest quality of alcohol rehab are during the COVID-19 pandemic, we take very seriously the importance of a clean environment. Our team assures you we keep to a high standard of meeting the requirement of guidelines for you and everyone’s safety.

We encourage you to learn more about our services by calling us today. You deserve and are worthy to receive the help you need to begin this journey of a lifetime of sobriety. You need a supportive, dedicated, caring, experienced, knowledgeable team to support you on this journey of sobriety. Palm Beach Interventions would be glad to assist you on your journey.

Contact us today to enroll in an alcohol rehab program.

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