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Welcome! You came here because you’re looking for drug detox centers around Palm Beach, Florida. The good news is that you’re in the right place. Palm Beach Interventions offers a plethora of drug detox options. People from across the Sunshine State pick our facilities for science-backed drug detox. Our highly educated, compassionate staff members understand the nuances of recovery. We get that no two people have the same recovery journey. In life, nobody bats 1,000. We get that. Keep reading for more information on how detox marks the start of something new.

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Drug Detox In Palm Beach

What Exactly Is Drug Detox?

Drug detox helps someone experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Detox literally means to get rid of toxins. You might read the longer form of the word: detoxification. But we use “detox” for short. Someone suffering from withdrawal symptoms has become dependent on a drug. If dependent, a person cannot coordinate themselves without the drug. The brain cannot operate correctly.
When we deprive a dependent person of a drug, they go through withdrawal. Withdrawal symptoms occur because the body struggles to maintain balance without the drug. Withdrawal symptoms can feel mild, moderate, or severe.
Specific withdrawal symptoms vary from person to person. The following variables effect a person’s withdrawal symptoms:
Detox attempts to mitigate these withdrawal symptoms through medical treatment and counseling.

Isn’t Detox The Same Thing As Rehab?

One hears the terms “detox” and “rehab” often. It might seem easy to assume them synonymous. But detox and rehab do not mean the same thing. Detox may last for days. Detox ends when withdrawal symptoms subside.
But proper rehabilitation lasts months. In the overall scope of recovery, rehabilitation ought to last for a lifetime. But, people do relapse. And they may need both detox and rehab more than once. Consider opioid withdrawal. Detox treats the withdrawal symptoms. Rehabilitation treats the both the cravings for the opioid, as well as the motivations for those cravings.

How Does Someone Detox From Benzos?

Even with a prescription, someone can develop benzodiazepine dependence. A person can become dependent on benzos in less than a month. Remember that a dependent person experiences withdrawal symptoms when drug use stops. So, a person dependent on benzos will go through withdrawal. 

Detoxing from benzos might involve 2 key steps:
Benzo withdrawal symptoms can include headaches, dizziness, physical pain, and rebounding of anxiety and insomnia. In detox, clinicians might use medications to help counteract these kinds of symptoms.

How Does Someone Detox From Benzos?

Originally derived from the coca plant, cocaine has become a powerful stimulant. It speeds up the brain, which speeds up the heart and the body. Cocaine acts on a neurotransmitter called glutamate. Researchers deem glutamate an excitatory neurotransmitter. The neurons in your brain send electric messages to one another. Glutamate increases the efficiency of this process. Therefore, cocaine makes all this happen even faster. 
In large part, the disease model of addiction has gained greater acceptance among mainstream society. However, the stigma of drug abuse has endured. Concepts like “blame” may prove helpful in civil and criminal court cases. But blame will not help people recover from addiction. They likely suffer from shame, guilt, and self-loathing already.

Managing Cocaine Withdrawal

Prolonged cocaine use exposes a person to cocaine use disorder. Someone with this disorder has grown dependent on cocaine. As with benzos, this person will suffer withdrawal if they do not consume cocaine.
Withdrawing from cocaine causes symptoms such as: 
In detox, a medication like disulfiram can help reduce cravings. Cocaine abuse can also cause severe problems in the heart and lungs. Someone withdrawing from cocaine might also have a very high pulse and/or blood pressure. Detoxing would therefore involve effectively monitoring and lowering the pulse and/or blood pressure.

Where Can I Find A Palm Beach Drug Detox Program Near Me?

Palm Beach Interventions’ drug detox programs offer help to the entire state of Florida. Click here to view a directory of our locations. Search for the one nearest you and reach out.
Having trouble finding a drug detox program near you? Tap here to call Pall Beach Interventions. Or, complete our contact form and we will contact you. Our staff members respect your privacy and will not share your information.
If you or someone that you love struggles with substance addiction or mental illness, contact PBI straight away. Do not delay any longer. PBI’s staff members have personally observed many people recover from substance use disorders. We know that you (or your loved one) can recover as well. You have turned a corner and started something fresh!

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