Do I Need Inpatient Treatment?

Do I need inpatient treatment? You’re not alone if you’re asking yourself this difficult question. In fact, we see cases just like this almost every day. Now, there may not be a simple, straightforward answer to this question. The real answer to whether or not you need inpatient treatment is one that only you can answer.

But that doesn’t mean we’ll try to doge the question of what program you actually need. No, transparency and diligent effort are both hallmarks of the treatment options available at Palm Beach Interventions. We consider it our solemn duty to answer this and all other questions to the best of our collective ability.

Do I Need Inpatient Treatment?

What Exactly Is Inpatient Treatment, Anyway?

Before you can say whether or not you need inpatient treatment, you’ll need to know exactly what such a program entails. Clearly, this is the first step in understanding if inpatient is right for now. So, we’ll devote this section to providing a summary of just what our inpatient treatment options include.

What To Expect During Inpatient Treatment

We’ll explain this as we go along, but here is a quick list of what you should expect from an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab program at Palm Beach Interventions:
While everyone’s experience differs, these are the main points that nearly all clients go through during their time in inpatient programming. Just as the name implies, patients involved in this level of care will stay in one of our approved facilities for 24 hours a day.
We take every level of addiction seriously, but for people who need an inpatient facility, we go that all-important extra mile. And this approach begins with taking the chance to get to know you. Experience has taught us that being able to monitor our inpatient clients is the best way to start them on the path to a rewarding and authentic recovery.

Are You a Good Candidate for Inpatient or Residential Treatment?

Sometimes, it isn’t clear whether a person needs inpatient treatment for their alcohol or drug addiction. However, there are some signs that you may want to enroll in an inpatient drug treatment or inpatient alcohol treatment program.
If you fall into one or more of the categories below, it’s probably time to reach out to our team. We can help you enroll in an inpatient treatment program today.

People Who Can’t Stay Clean or Sober

Have you been abusing drugs or alcohol? Maybe you aren’t sure whether you even have an addiction. You might be the loved one of someone who uses drugs or alcohol and wants to know whether they need inpatient treatment. If you or someone you know can’t stay clean or sober, inpatient addiction treatment may be the best option. 

Some of the signs that you can’t stay clean or sober include:
If you can’t stay clean or sober on your own, you are not alone. You don’t have to feel bad about it. We are here to help you overcome a drug or alcohol addiction no matter how much you’ve done or how you got here.

Accompany Mental Illness: Struggling with a Co-Occurring Disorder

You may need inpatient drug treatment or inpatient alcohol treatment is if you have an addiction and a mental health disorder. When someone has both of these things, it is known as a co-occurring disorder.
Being stuck in an addictive lifestyle is already vicious enough. However, things are even more challenging when someone has mental health issues such as anxiety or PTSD. In addition, having mental health issues can make it much more difficult to stay clean and sober.
Some reasons why people with a co-occurring disorder may struggle more with addiction include:
These are just some mental health issues that may cause someone to abuse alcohol or drugs. These same issues can make it very difficult to stay clean and sober, too.
For this reason, you may want to attend an inpatient treatment program. When you enter one of these programs, a therapist can diagnosis your co-occurring disorder. From there, you can get the addiction and mental health treatment you need.

Living in an Unhealthy Environment

Many people will relapse in recovery because they live in an unhealthy environment. It is challenging to stay clean and sober if you can’t focus well on sobriety and recovery.
Some environments that may make it challenging to stay clean and sober include:
Do you live in any of these environments? If so, you may have a better chance of success in your recovery by attending an inpatient treatment program.

Having Physical Consequences from Drug or Alcohol Use

Many people experience legal issues due to their addiction.
Some health consequences you might experience due to alcohol or drug addiction include:
Some people do die from abusing drugs and alcohol. You can overcome your addiction and improve your health. While some damage may be irreversible, you can make positive changes to make your health as good as it can be.
When attending an inpatient treatment program, the doctors will assess your health. They will create a treatment plan for your health issues and the addiction. Experiencing Legal Issues.

Experiencing Legal Issues

There are also many people who experience legal issues due to their addiction.
Some legal issues you might face because of alcohol or drug addiction include:
Even if you already have legal issues, getting inpatient addiction treatment can help a lot. Sometimes, sentencing won’t be as severe if you voluntarily enroll in addiction treatment. In addition, if you are facing custody issues because of drinking or drugging, you may have a better chance of solving those issues if you get treatment.

Do I Need Inpatient Treatment to Help Me Overcome Addiction?

Addiction affects everyone in different ways. However, there are also similar experiences many people with alcohol or drug addiction face. If you experience the issues above, those may be signs you need inpatient treatment. You could also seek out inpatient treatment help before those issues become a problem in your life.
Are you asking yourself – Do I need inpatient treatment? If so, contact us today to see about enrolling in an addiction inpatient program. It’s impossible to say in advance whether an inpatient program is the right choice for you, but it’s certainly a great place to start. We look forward to hearing from you.